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Help people counteract misleading information and get good at not knowing things.

→ Decrease polarisation in society
→ Increase our capacity for productive disagreement
→ Recover a healthy information ecosystem


Badcog is a new addition to the way you keep track of what's going on in the world and find answers to important questions.

It arms you against deceptive information practices as you encounter them around the web, and it helps you keep your thinking in good shape (i.e. it helps you prevent your views getting out of shape in typically human ways).


It's a social platform designed around always keeping sight of the uncertainty of things and not getting misled down paths of bad cognition.

The idea is that this way of thinking can become second nature with UI and UX designed specifically to serve it.

E.g. You almost can't help but think probabilistically if that's how everything is presented. And you can supercharge your bullshit detector by drawing on the combined efforts of other people.

If you put all the ingredients together in the right way and form a network around it, you get a tool that gives you the best possible chance to avoid the common causes of human misjudgment.

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We will be looking to raise seed funding from the right investors soon. If that's you please say hello.